Customers should become strategic partners in any company, since they are the ones that actually engage the consumers who buy your products.

​Thalamus allows your company to run Trade Engagement Programs with your customers: retailers, shops, supermarkets, etc..

Decide on a program where your customers are challenged with business objectives, which they have to achieve in order to obtain rewards.


Establish segmented volume objectives for each client based on sales history, for whichever business variable is needed: product category, client segment, geographical location, vendor, etc.​.

​Thalamus will run the follow-up calculations for each objective, without needing to modify your sales system.


Retail Audit is a common process for most companies, where an auditor visits customers to make sure that your products are in stock, at the right price, with the right visibility, and the promotional marketing campaign is properly in place, etc..

Using the Thalamus Trade Engagement App (available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone), your auditors can execute your retail audit process, and make it part of your loyalty program with customers.


Thalamus has a rich rewards module to execute your trade marketing activities.

​You can devise an activity where your customers accumulate points based on meeting objectives. Then they can exchange those points for prizes in a segmented prize catalog.

Or you could set up a program where the achievement of objectives can generate future discounts for your customers on their next purchase.